01 May 2006

Weekly activities~!

Hi all,

From Tuesday(2 may 2006) onwards, our daily activities will continue at its usual styleThere will be group practise (*Mental Cultivation) :

on Monday's, Tuesday's, Thurday's and Friday's at 5.15pm - 6.00pm
Wednesday's at 3.15pm - 4pm

For those who wish to extend the time to practise, there will be a Personal mental cultivation slot at 4pm-5pm on wednesday's and Friday's where one can practise the four foundation of mindfulness(*cattaro satipathana) on own accord.

At any other times of the day, all members can feel free to drop by the clubhouse anytime when the clubhouse is open, where there is chance to interact, sharing of experiences, studying or resting, dissusing about dhamma, clarify doubts about the dhamma from library books, audio talks or through discussion among members who knows.

Let's no forget to think about the welfare of one another when we are using the clubhouse. Keep the outside and inside of the clubhouse tidy and comfortable for everyone. =)

Our Main activity lies at your heart.
Individually, Keeping the heart clean,
in line with virtues and morality.

Ever holding a heart of giving and kindness,
towards all without difference,
is the true activity of the Society.

* Note:
1. Mental Cultivation is the reflecting, repeating, listening to the teachings and the practise of the cattaro satipatthana.

2. The practise of Cattaro Satipatthana is to practise any 1 of the type of satipatthana practises in according to each individual suitability :Mindfulness of Body, Feeling, Mind and Mental Objects.
The most common practise is anapanasati (mindfuless of breathing) which classifies under Mindfulness of Body.

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