19 April 2006

For the month of April 2006...

Hey mina-san! SPBS have packed a series of activities just for you, YES YOU, freshies! In case you do not know the way to our clubhouse, here's a map for your reference below:

[editorial rebuttal] Series? Just two onli.. [/editorial rebuttal]

Err.. anyway here are the following up coming activities for the month of April:

25 April 2006
There will be a dhamma talk by Ven. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. We are lucky to have him conduct a talk here in SP. So what are u waiting for? :D

For more information. There's a link to his webbie: http://www.choklingtersar.org/teachers/CNR.htm. In case you can't click it, just copy and paste this address in your browser ;P

Venue: Clubhouse
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Next activity coming up will be the old school Freshman Orientation camp! Do I need to say more? It will be on 28-30 April. The following are the specific details:

P/S For freshies, it's complusory to come and attend for the camp. It's good! It's free! It's the best camp you going to attend up to now!

[editorial rebuttal] err... sounds like a marketee to me.. >.< [/editorial rebuttal]

Venue: Guan Min Shan Temple
Meeting point: Bishan MRT
Meeting Time: 7.00pm

Alright. That's all folks! Thank you for using your time up to read this post! THANK YOU! Hope to see your kawaee (spelling?) face at our activities! Jya Ne!