19 March 2006

Upcoming events!!

Hey you guys! It's time for macarena!

Err.. alright no i guess. LOL! I'm here again to highlight the following events which is going to be hold over the next few months. So men, strap on the seatbelt.

BBQ Nite
Official Date: 1 April 06
Venue: Pasir Ris Mrt
Time: 5pm
Payment: $5 per pax

Details updated! We will meet will be set at 5pm at paris ris mrt. Interested parties please either inform me(minggen:96913195) or dickson (92969538)

Vesak @ Orchard
Official Date: 6-7 May 06
Info to be released at a further notice.

Vesak @ PKS
Tentative Date: 12-14 May 06
Info to be released at a further notice.

Bodhi Big Walk 06
Official Date: 18 June 06

What we need:

  • 20 helpers for the actual event itself
  • 5 helpers for warm up team
Prior to the actual date of Bodhi Big Walk, training sessions will be held for warm-up team. This year warm-up team coordinator will be from SPBS:ME:MINGGEN.. Nyagagga. Interested party just drop me a email (mailto:sergeforever@hotmail.com) sms (Minggen; 96913195). Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Finally, not to forget tomorrow (20/3) FO comm members, you guys are going to have a meeting 1030 at SP library. Please do not be late and prepare whatever materials you need to present your stuff. I would require all of you to dress "properly" as I need to take your photos for the LOTUS. What i mean as "proper" would be T-shirt or Polo + jeans and shoes. Sadhu once again!


derrick said...

hey i really like the pink layout... =) and thanks for the updates!


uglybutadorable said...

i want to join this club.. how do i join? i'm lost.. pls email me at hamster_donut@hotmail.com