15 March 2006

Holiday Notice!!

Hey you guys! SPBS have organised a enriching dharmma courses for our members this holidays! Here are the details:

Every Monday, there will be a vipassana meditation class at the PKS Venerable Hong Choon Memorial hall. It starts at 7.30 sharp to 9.30 and is conducted by Venerable Chuan Ren, a forest monk.

Every Thursday, there will be a meditation class in Palelai conducted by Bro Sebastian which starts at 8am - 9.30am. Those interested, can inform Helen or De Xiang...

Every Saturday, there will be a Basic Buddhism Course conducted by Brother Richard from 9am to 11am at Sri lankaramaya temple. This is the by far, the MOST POPULAR to most members of spbs and it is HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED by members of SPBS.

For those who still have not attend this enriching courses, do not hesitate and come join us NOW! Intersted members can contact Helen (90097344) or DX (96913604)!!

Another event of highlight this holiday will be retreat conducted by Venerable Thubten Chodron. It is held at the Venerable Hong Choon Memorial hall on 23 - 24th April from 10.30 - 4.30 p.m. Any members interested please leave a contact with us (Minggen:96913195)!!

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Hey was just rolling thru wanted to let ya know ya got a cool blog here Nice Job.