03 February 2006

Freezing Club Activities for upcoming Semesteral Exams

Hi All,

The Semesteral Exams are coming soon. SPBS 40th Council would wish all its members to excel in studies and be promoted smoothly. Thus club activities will began to slowing down and freeze starting from 3rd Feburary 2006. All club matters will freezed as well.

Note* Club house will still be opened for members to come, but there wouldn't be any formal club activities. Chanting and Meditation would be on "Own time own target" Mode.

Freshmen Orientation Committee can choose carry on with whatever plans as wished, but facilitators might be off for the freezing of club matters. Thus meeting mintues and proposal would most probably be entertained when the Club resumes.

Club matters will began to resume on 6th March 2006.

Cultivating of the heart, purifying it from negative thoughts and intentions is a every second practise. Not being negliegence and lazy in our studies and work, preserver and strive to fufill our responsibility and tasks is truely practising the teachings of the Buddha.

The Buddha taught:

"'Too cold! Too hot!Too late!': they say.
Having wasted work time this way,
The young miss out on opportunities.

For one regarding cold and hot
As not more than blades of grass,
doing whatever should be done,
Happiness will not be a stranger." -DN 31. Sigalovada Sutta -

May all of you excel in studies. Best wishes and good luck for your Exams.
Gambette~! Jia you~!

You can send a email to spbs.sss@gmail.com for any questions or clarification. Thank you.

To: SPBS 40 Council Committee and its Members

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