02 December 2005

Meditation session with Phra Ajaan Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Dear all,

I'm really glad to inform you that Ven Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Abbot of Metta Forest Monastery, USA, and student of Phra Ajaan Fuang Jotiko, will be making a very short stopover in Singapore.While here he has consented to hold a meditation session followed by a Dhamma talk and take questions. While the Venerable has been here previously, it is rare to be able to meet up with him as he spends most of his time teaching in the USA. So, here is your opportunity to meet with him and to ask questions concerning practice.

The venue will be Palelai Buddhits Temple, 49 bedok Walk.
Date: 14th December
Time : 7.30pm to 10pm

For those not familiar with him, please check out www.accesstoinsight.org and you'll find his translations of the Teachings of the Forest Masters and also plenty of Pali scriptural texts. Here is a photo of the Venerabletaken in Metta Monastery's main shrine hall.

Best wishes

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