02 December 2005

6th Singapore Tzu Chi collegiate Youth Camp 2005 - 9/12/2005 to 11/12/2005

All of us are living in a hectic and stressful environment. Everyday, we are facing ever changing situations with uncertainty and are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of life. However, have you ever thought, as young people, am I satisfied with this never-ending cycle of pursuing? Is this what I am looking for towards a fulfilling life? Indeed, there is a group of lively and energetic youth who called themselves the 'Happy Volunteers'. With love and compassion, these optimistic young people venture out to take the first step to care and to serve the society, bringing warm to people and at the same time enjoying this sense of fulfillment. Hence, if you are lost, or uncertain, in the quest for direction in life or; if you are looking for something to enrich your life, you are warmly welcomed to join us in finding out the true you beneath. During this three-day-two-night camp, you will experience a touching and unforgettable life filled with exciting talks, shows, music, sharing and sign language. Furthermore, there are chances for real life visitations to homes to witness and to serve, hence leading to a better understanding and realization of the world around us. Moreover, thoughtful sharing with the Tzu Chings would definitely give you greater insights to the joy of contributing through voluntary service. Why not let us show what we care, and we can make a difference! We look forward to seeing you!Singapore Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association

Camp location : 新加坡慈济静思堂 (Pasir Ris)       
Buddhist Compassion
Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
(Singapore Branch)
9 Elias Road,       
Singapore 519937

Camp fees :   $30
Last day of registration: 5/ 12 / 2005
Go http://tccamp.blogspot.com/2004_02_01_tccamp_archive.html for more information.

Please contact Ming gen @ 96913195 if intrested. before 5/12/05

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