06 July 2014

Asalha Puja Day

Hi all, we will be visiting Wat Paleila Temple this coming friday(11/7/14) from 6-7.30pm  as it is one of a key dates on buddhist calendar.Asalha Puja Day is one of the most sacred days in Buddhism. It is observed on the fifteenth day of the waxing moon of the eight lunar month (July).  Asalha Puja Day is the anniversary of the day on which Lord Buddha delivered his first Sermon to his five Disciples at the Deer Park in Benares, over two thousand five hundred years ago. The day also marks the beginning of the worship of the Triple Gems, namely: the Lord Buddha, His Teachings and His Disciples.
The Buddhist Lent starts on the first day of the waning moon of the eighth lunar month. The tradition of Buddhist Lent or the annual three-month Rains Retreat, known in Thai as "PHUN SAA", dates back to the time of early Buddhism in ancient India. All holy men, mendicants and sages spent three months of the annual rainy season in permanent dwellings. They avoided unnecessary travel during this period when crops were still new for fear they might accidentally step on young plants. In deference to popular opinion, Lord Buddha decreed that his followers should also abide by this ancient tradition, and they began to gather in-groups of simple dwellings.

Programme includes chanting, observing the 5 precepts and candle light circumbulation
For those who are interested to join us, Sign up here !

With Metta,
Lee Xun

Karaniya Metta Sutta

Hi all, for this comming tuesday session, it will include a short lecture regarding Metta sutta. Heres the link to the lecture note : https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/s/9C33C0594ED14D2A92321969182C86E4Y
Do bring a copy of it (put in your phone ipad or laptop or something )
With metta
Lee Xun

05 July 2014

Meditation Objective

Hi guys,I just wanna share a video with all of you reading this. This video is not fully buddhist related thing but involve study of meditators. So here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE1j5Om7g0U 
Meditation have becoming popular and there's is a sharp increase in number of buddhist in the west. One reason might be the increasing number of neuron scientist/researchers researching about if what has been said by the buddha 2500 years ago was true and most of the results actually backs what the buddha had said.  Hope this video give you new insights regarding how meditation change you and  motivation to practice meditation regularly :)
With metta
Lee Xun

27 June 2014

Weekly Meditation Resume

Welcome back !
Our weekly Tuesday Meditation session will resume next week (1st july)
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 5.30 PM till  END
Venue: SPBS clubroom
We look forward to see you!
 Alumnis/ SPBS Graduates Are Welcome too! Just send a message to me (Lee Xun) If you wish to join us

Lee Xun 


Hi all,
We have been practicing dharma through meditation every week. So why meditate?
According to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), showed people who meditate have bigger brains (known as neuroplasticity) and stronger connections between different parts of the brain.
Not only that, meditation evokes the ’relaxation response’, lowering heart rate and boosting the immune system. This eases heart disease, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Also, meditation reduces the length of time to sleep for people suffering from insomnia, according to research by Stanford Medical Centre.
In summary, meditation showed measurable improvements in our body, such health benefits, ability to solve complex problems and enhances will-power. These are certainly useful to students as many of us often face difficulties in studying.
Lastly, meditation is completely FREE! It requires no equipment and is easy. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and isn’t time consuming (15-20 min. per day is good). With such a huge list of benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “Why am I not meditating yet?”
So stop procrastinating and take action now!

Taken from : http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/how-10-minutes-meditation-day-1822574